Welcome to BirthRite欢迎来到BirthRite
Welcome to BirthRite, where holistic childbirth practitioners can really feel at home.欢迎来到BirthRite,BirthRite为整体助产从业人员营造出家庭式分娩环境。

BirthRite designs innovative equipment to facilitate active and upright birth, for use in hospitals and at home.BirthRite设计的创新设备支持主动地直立式分娩,可在医院使用,也可在家中使用。

We also create thoughtful teaching material for midwives with a holistic approach to the care of women and couples during pregnancy, birth and postnatally.同时,我们为助产人员精心编写了教材,以便为产妇及家属在孕期、分娩及产后提供全方位的护理及服务。

We invite you to visit the Floor Studio (or “Birth Island”), BirthRite’s world-leading concept for upright, dignified and gentle childbirth.我们邀请您参观直立式分娩椅组合(全套),感受BirthRite在直立式、有尊严及温柔分娩方面的世界领先理念。


Read Juan’s experience of giving birth on the BirthRite Birthing Seat at Beijing New Century Women’s and Children’s Hospital.查看黄镌在北京新世纪妇儿医院使用BirthRite分娩椅的直立式分娩体验

Please note that most links currently take you to our international Web site which is in English.请注意,点击大部分链接均可访问英文国际网页。 We do, however, have a PDF brochure in Chinese for you to peruse. 但是我们有中文版PDF手册供您阅读。

View Monika’s impressions and photos from her presentations and workshops at conferences in China.浏览莫妮卡在中国参会的会后感言及其在中国开展培训总结及相关照片。

BirthRite considers New Century Women’s and Children’s Private Hospital Network to be the leading Chinese authority on upright birthing techniques in a BirthRite setting. Beijing New Century Women’s and Children’s Hospital was the very first Chinese obstetric establishment to use BirthRite upright birthing equipment.在BirthRite看来,新世纪妇儿医院当之无愧地成为了直立分娩技术的权威机构。北京新世纪妇儿医院是中国第一家使用BirthRite直立分娩设备的妇产医院。

“There is no good reason why holistic midwifery cannot be mainstream and why mainstream midwifery cannot be holistic.”我们完全有理由相信,整体助产术将成为主流助产技术,主流助产技术也将是整体的。

— Monika Boenigk— 莫妮卡·彭尼克

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