BirthRite’s Philosophy

While BirthRite produces and markets a variety of products, commercial activities are only one part of the organization. At its core is a philosophy, encapsulated in our logo, that espouses dignity in childbirth and sound preparation for parenting. BirthRite itself was born out of long years of practical experience in holistic midwifery and couple counselling.

At BirthRite we believe that every woman, baby and partner should have the opportunity for a wonderful and safe birth that is memorable for all the right reasons.

It is so helpful for the whole birthing process if the woman and her partner are well prepared when the time of birth draws near. This is best achieved through sensitive, thoughtful and confidence-building care throughout the pregnancy by dedicated midwives. This is a much more intensive sort of antenatal care than is generally recognized — so much so that it merits its own designation, “interactive engagement”. In fact, the engagement continues all during the labour and often extends into the life of the family for some time to come.

Combined with the use of upright positioning and relaxation during labour, interactive engagement forms the basis for an exciting new paradigm in the practice of midwifery which enriches the lives of midwives and clients alike.

BirthRite’s products and workshops are specifically designed to facilitate:–
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