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Holistic Midwifery

Holistic midwifery means more than just being present at the birth. Discover an exciting new paradigm for the practice of midwifery that melds upright positioning, relaxation and interactive engagement into a seamless and satisfying whole. Delve deeper with our recommendations for educational resources from other sources.

Upright Birthing

Upright positioning during labour offers many advantages over recumbent positioning. Read about the experiences of others and delve into some of the relevant research literature.

Journal Articles

Reprints of selected articles published in professional journals.

Teaching Films

The BirthRite Experience and Safely Into Water are educational and inspiring for midwives and women alike. Use them both for midwifery training and in antenatal classes.

Educational Posters

The Upright and Empowered wall poster is a handy resource in both midwifery training and antenatal classes.


Attend one of our stimulating workshops and take your practice of midwifery to a higher level.


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