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Fountain Sculpture
(previously used item)


[size 470 mm x 380 mm x 150 mm = 18.5 in x 15.0 in x 5.9 in]
[weight 900 gm]

This intriguing diminutive copper fountain is a one-off, hand-made by a German artisan. It has an in-built pump and just needs water added to the bottom receptacle as and when it evaporates (perhaps once a week or so): no external plumbing is required. Two brackets on the back enable it to be hung directly on a wall.

With lines evoking the shape of a woman’s upper body, it is admirably suited to the reception area of a birthing center, or even inside a birthing room itself, where it would add a tranquil, relaxing note. When the water travels down the little moulded cups, it looks as if the woman is lactating. The bowl at the “right breast” is suitable for accommodating a plant (as in the photos), or little rocks, or a flower floating on a bit of water, or anything else one might think of. The colours of the copper sparkle in the light, and one really thinks one is looking at a pregnant belly.

€120, plus €35 for shipping.

Note: This is a previously used item and priced accordingly.
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