BirthRite Floor Studio Components

Image of Birthing SeatBirthing Seat
  • light weight for births at home
  • can be used in the shower

Image of BackrestBackrest
  • supports the woman’s back and arms when seated on Birthing Seat
  • padding for head and elbows
  • interlocks simply with Birthing Seat

Image of Midwife ChairMidwife Chair
  • comfortable moulded seat area
  • allows swift change of position

Image of equipment tableEquipment Table
  • practical and elegant
  • accommodates setup for normal births

Image of mirrorTri-Positional Birth Mirror
  • three different viewing angles
  • the woman views progress for herself

Image of Birthing MatContoured Birthing Mat
  • creates the appropriate ambience
  • comfortable in all-fours position
  • dual-color — birch on one side (obverse) and fango on the other (reverse) — offers versatile color design when combined with other Floor Studio components or in the context of the overall room décor. (Plum color depicted here is no longer generally available.)

Image of Kneeling PadKneeling Pad
  • for the labouring woman and/or the assisting midwife
  • useful in home births

Image of Floor Studio in Padded PouchesPadded Pouches for Floor Studio components
  • afford extra protection for transport or storage
  • ideal for midwives attending home births

Image of jacket coverThe BirthRite Experience
  • 55 min teaching film
  • midwifery and antenatal education

Image of posterUpright and Empowered
  • educational wall poster
  • illustrated tips for correct use of Birthing Seat
  • midwifery and antenatal education

Components may be purchased separately, in any combination, to suit individual circumstances.

The Floor Studio comprises the following components:–

The Mini Studio comprises the following components:–

The Birth Fusion comprises the following components:–

The Homebirth Bundle comprises the following components:–

Please note that product colors depicted in photos here and elsewhere on this Web site may no longer be available. (In particular, Birthing Mats are generally no longer available in plum.) Please refer to the current color range and contact us to ascertain availability.
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