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Photo of Fusako Nimii

An update on the BirthRite Floor Studio in Nagoya, Japan. We are happy to report that we have now used the Floor Studio for seven labours, and all the women liked using the Studio. We are hoping that these women will tell other women about their good experience, to increase interest in the Studio’s use.

— Fusako Nimii
Head Midwife
Yamada Clinic, Nagoya, Japan

At long last the beautiful Floor Studio equipment arrived and already it has created much interest with all staff — not just midwives and nurses!!! We are using the Birthing Seat heaps!

Thank you for all of your assistance. Getting the equipment was like trying to move a mountain, but now it is here and we can all relax. We are going to get one of the first women who used the Studio to name it, as it is so beautiful that it needs a name.

— Leanne Williams
Nurse Unit Manager
Busselton Hospital, WA, Australia

We have birthed several women in our new Floor Studio and all concerned were happy. I have also utilised the Birthing Seat during 1st stage with some women and followed the women’s lead when they wanted to change their position.

The doctors at Dalby are all supportive of the Studio. Kate, our Unit Manager, utilises the Studio frequently and recently had a great outcome with a mother who was having a VBAC (vaginal birth after previous caesarean) on the BirthRite Seat!

— Jane Gately
Registered Midwife
Dalby Hospital, QLD, Australia

We have now had your wonderful Floor Sudio for six months or so. The response from our pregnant couples at the antenatal classes when they see the Studio during their birth suite tour is always positive, with a large majority of women wanting to try it in labour. I look forward to the educational posters arriving so I can promote the use of the Studio more to our multips who don’t come to classes.

— Tracey Devine
Registered Midwife
Bundaberg Hospital, QLD, Australia

Yes, we’ve unpacked our Mini Birthing Studio. We used the Birthing Seat a couple of times. We love it.┬áIt’s the perfect angle! Last night we used it with someone who had an epidural and wanted to push on the toilet. We put the Seat on the bed and she held on to the squatting bar. It was wonderfully stable.

— Yeshi Neumann
Homestyle Midwifery at St. Luke’s Hospital
San Francisco CA USA

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