Upright Birthing Experience直立式分娩体验

快乐的爸爸妈妈On the day of childbirth, it made me so comfortable to get off the obstetric bed and moving around on the ground and sitting on the yoga ball. All the professional guidance in breathing patterns as well as the back massage by the midwife has made the birth of my baby so natural and productive.生产当天,从躺在床上到下床活动、坐助产球,现场医护人员对于我用力、呼吸的指导对于疼痛的缓解非常有效,尤其是从背后的按摩,感觉非常舒服。

The first time I had a trial of birth on the BirthRite Birthing Seat was when my cervix was 6 cm dilated. With each surge, the pain started from my lower abdomen and the small back and then spread all over and climbed to its peak, during which I felt so powerless in the fight against the intense pains and found breathing very difficult. However, after sitting on the Birthing Seat, I breathed as guided by the midwife and felt the pain going down and out with each exhalation till the end of the surges, which made me so ready for involuntary pushing at the arrival of the following surge. Then I went back to the bed to rest for a while, and tried the Birthing Seat again. Now I embraced stronger surges spaced with shorter intervals, which made me, a woman giving birth for the first time, go wild, scream and shout, and be totally at a loss. During this series of surges, I had to make more efforts to concentrate, breathe and to control myself. During the breaks, I would do the bottom exercises to ease the pressure on my legs. During the whole process of childbirth, till the crowning and birthing of my baby’s head, the midwife has been guiding me to be completely relaxed and to avoid closed-glottis pushing, to improve my perineal outcome. During the birth of the head, I still felt it very hard to follow the midwife’s instructions, but the use of the Tri-Positional Birth Mirror successfully distracted my attention from solely giving birth and allowed me to witness the arrival of my baby myself.大约在开6指的时候,第一次尝试分娩椅。每到宫缩,疼痛从小腹下部和后腰部开始,感到疼痛四处乱撞,难以有丝毫的减弱,与之抵抗也分外的无力,无法调整呼吸。坐到分娩椅之后,每到宫缩,按助产士指导的方式呼吸,疼痛仿佛顺着身体往下走,随着宫缩的停止,逐渐散开,能够积蓄力量准备下一次用力。回到床上休息一段时间之后,第二次尝试分娩椅,这次的宫缩频率更高,疼痛会让第一次分娩的人不知所措,大呼小叫,每一次正确的配合呼吸的用力,都需要集中全部的精神,控制自己。宫缩间歇,会在分娩椅上做抬高臀部的运动,缓解腿部的压力。直到胎头娩出,助产士要求我完全的放松,不要用任何的力气,以减少损伤,这会儿依旧感到非常难以按要求行事,也许通过镜子欣赏胎儿的到来会是个不错的转移注意力的方式。

And, as far as I am concerned, it does mean a lot to have the partner (husband) supporting the woman and being actively involved in the whole process of childbirth. I still remember a friend telling me how she suffered the pains during childbirth even with the company of her husband all the time. Admittedly, the company of your partner would not stop your pains, but it gives the woman a whole lot of mental support, especially at such a historic moment for the whole family. The thoughtful design of the Birthing Seat allowed my husband to hold me tight from the back. From the moment I got pregnant, it became more and more inconvenient for my husband to hold me from the front and such hugs from behind made me so empowered for birth. Each involuntary pushing urge is accompanied by my husband whispering gentle encouraging words into my ears which, together with his hug, made me feel we are giving birth together! This is just a terrific experience. Right after the birth of the baby, it was lifted up to me, a woman who has just delivered the baby. At this moment, my baby in my arms, in the arms of my husband and both of us melting our deep love into the looks at the baby just forms the most beautiful picture in the world. Later, I wrote my feelings for this historic moment into the baby’s album.对于家人(基本指丈夫)的全程生产陪护,我个人觉得意义重大。记得好友在生产的时候也有让丈夫陪同,后来跟我说:“没用,还是疼!”当然家人的陪同并没有止痛的效果,但是却可以给产妇精神上的支持,尤其在生孩子这样一个忐忑而带有不少恐惧心理的时刻。分娩椅的设计让丈夫可以从后面紧紧地抱住我(自从肚子大了,正面的拥抱都非常的不方便,这种背后的拥抱坚定而有力),感受到我的每一次用力,在耳旁说出鼓励的话语,仿佛我们两个人一起把孩子生了出来,非常奇妙。而当孩子出生后会很快放到产妇的胸前,让母子做亲密接触,这一刻,你的另一半也可以在一个非常好的视角注释着你们的宝宝,并且依旧把你紧紧地搂住。后来我给孩子的相册写寄语的时候,也用了“我们仨前后相拥,泪如泉涌”这样的话,很贴切。

In addition, when it comes to the prenatal classes, I think they are very important for women giving birth for the first time. Another important thing for the pregnant woman is the communication with midwives and doctors. It seems every woman tries to avoid talking about the details of the intense sensations during childbirth, but it is still helpful to get some knowledge from others about their birthing process and what helped them through. It helps in many aspects, especially in shortening the duration of labor and reducing perineal injuries. As for me, I did not learn enough about modulated breathing in pregnancy. So, during the birthing process, I have been so busy catching up with breathing skills that I finally got it at the last moment. Therefore, I think it is very important to have prenatal classes with very detailed talks and thorough practice of natural birthing skills such as breathing, relaxing, visualisation, focus and upright positions. Even the fear of the pains needs to be discussed. These little talks can help you to better control yourself.另外说到产前的各种学习课程,对于初产妇来讲十分必要,还有就是和医护人员的沟通。尽管每个人都会善意的避开对于生产疼痛的细微描述,但是对于整个生产过程的了解,却可以帮助产妇更顺利的把孩子生出来。这种顺利,体现在各个方面,尤其在缩短产程,减少损伤上。我个人在生产的过程中,一直在忙着做各种呼吸,直到最后阶段,好像才掌握了技巧。而开诚布公的在产前和医护人员进行各种细微的沟通,哪怕是对疼痛的恐惧,都可以很好的缓解紧张情绪。

Labor is a wild but fruitful event. Even though I have undergone great pains, I still enjoyed the birthing process. The images of the arrival of the baby and the tight hugs of the family will stay in your head for months. Every time you look at the pink cute face of your baby, you will recall the moment the baby came to the world. And every time, you will be so moved to tears.分娩是一件疯狂而美好的事,尽管我也不可避免得经历了很大的疼痛,却依然想用享受分娩这几个字。因为新生命的到来、因为和家人前所未有的紧密相拥,在产后的几个月,你都会回忆起生产时的各种画面,每当你看着自己粉嫩迷人的宝宝,都会不由得感动的落泪,这种泪水是甜蜜而温馨的。

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