The Big Stretch

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The Big Stretch (DVD)
by Alieta Belle and Jenny Blyth

Review by Shannon Morris

The Big Stretch is a beautiful film that imparts women’s wisdom. Women and their families share their stories, feelings, insights, comforts, priorities, fears, strengths, hopes, dreams and realities. For women waiting to birth, and for women needing space to reflect, this film will help many to normalise the intricate web of emotion and to connect with themselves as women and mothers. A slimline booklet included with the DVD features topics from the film and delves deeper to stimulate discussion about experiences, feelings and birthing options.

— Shannon Morris
Registered Midwife

Review by Monika Boenigk

This 60-minute DVD and accompanying booklet are a valuable resource, not only for pregnant women and their families, but also for birth educators, midwives, doulas and anyone else supporting women in birth. Indeed, midwives and doctors not familiar with the range of thoughts and emotions a woman experiences as she journeys through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, may struggle to appreciate why things might come unstuck and hence to respond sensitively and appropriately when their help is needed.

— Monika Boenigk

Available on DVD only, in PAL or NTSC format. Language: English.

Caution: This presentation contains graphic birthing images, so please give due consideration to audience selection.
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