BirthRite Films

The production of teaching films reflects BirthRite’s strong commitment to cutting-edge midwifery education.

Jacket frontThe BirthRite Experience

The landmark teaching film illustrating a new paradigm for the practice of midwifery.

Jacket frontSafely Into Water

In this film, women and their partners reflect on their journey to waterbirth. Citings of current research make it a valuable and reassuring resource for antenatal and midwifery education.

Caution: These presentations contain graphic birthing images, so please give due consideration to audience selection.

BirthRite is also pleased to offer a considererd selection of outstanding films from other producers which reflect BirthRite’s philosophy of holistic midwifery.

Jacket frontThe Big Stretch

A beautiful film by Alieta Belle and Jenny Blyth (author of Birthwork) which gives valuable insights into the range of women’s thoughts and emotions through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
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