Safely Into Water
An Appreciation of Waterbirths

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Extract from Safely into Water

This 30-minute presentation is a celebration of waterbirth. It features over 200 images of women labouring and birthing in water, accompanied by carefully chosen music and stills of analogous watery themes from nature. Women and their partners reflect on their journeys to waterbirth. Ordinary people with no preconceived ideas on the subject, they set out to educate themselves so that they could make informed choices in labour. They tell how, with water as their birthing medium, they felt safe and in control during a natural process.

Parents’ comments are backed up with numerous up-to-date research citations that clearly address people’s main concerns. Waterbirth can justifiably take its place as a serious option for many women.

This film creates a special mood amongst viewers and is a valuable resource for antenatal as well as midwifery education. It gives strong encouragement to parents to be creative on their birthing journey and resist intimidation by rigid hospital policies. Women are emboldened to let their instincts guide them, and midwives will feel reassured in trusting women to labour wherever they feel comfortable.

The included printed insert gives helpful tips to midwives caring for women birthing in water.

Available on DVD only, in PAL or NTSC format. Language: English.

Caution: This presentation contains graphic birthing images, so please give due consideration to audience selection.

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