Safely Into Water

I very much enjoyed Safely into Water. We are delighted that the new draft evidence-based Intrapartum Care Guideline from NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommends that “Women should be offered immersion in water as it reduces pain and the numbers of women having an epidural without evidence of harm to the baby”.

— Mary Newburn
Head of Policy Research, National Childbirth Trust, UK
Honorary Professor, Thames Valley University, UK

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I loved the way this film so normalizes waterbirth. I think when people view so many women using water the impact is profound. What a great montage of photos, and I loved all the handy tips at the end. What I also enjoyed about this film, like in your other film project, is the involvement of the fathers and the authority of the parents.

I’ll be lending the film out to parents and midwives because I know it will be greatly appreciated and provide depth of insight into facilitating natural birth.

— Jenny Blyth
Birth worker and author of the book Birthwork and the film The Big Stretch
Gympie, QLD, Australia

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Safely into Water is an easy to watch DVD. Interviews and a series of still photographs are used to demonstrate birth in water. Ordinary couples discuss their experiences of labour and birth in water and highlight the use of water as natural, calming and normal.

There is a sense of calm as you watch this DVD. The gentle music and water noises in the background provide this effect. However, the still photographs are graphic and care should be taken when selecting the audience. It may be more suitable for individual or small group work.

The words of the women are powerful. As ordinary people who had never really contemplated birth in water, they discuss their experiences of water as pain relief, their feelings of weightlessness and their partners’ close involvement in their birth. Many of the partners had experienced the opportunity to birth their babies, to touch, hold and support the baby until it was resting on the mother’s chest.

The DVD pack contains well referenced guidelines that will provide assistance for midwives developing unit-based guidelines. Throughout the show, there are references that will provide assistance for couples when making decisions regarding labour and birth in water.

This DVD is a simple, graphic, well referenced guide to labour and birth in the bath. Used carefully with a select audience, it will provide information for couples to assist them with their decisions between birth on land or into water.

— Helen Cooke
Midwifery News, Spring 2006

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Your Safely into Water DVD arrived this morning and I greedily grabbed it and watched with delight and enjoyment. You have surpassed yourself. It’s all there: gently, artistically, sensitively, beautifully. Excellent move to have the waterbirth case argued by parents. It’s about time¬†we HCP (Health Care Practitioners) stopped being the experts. Women and their partners need to claim authority and power in birth. We stole it from them....

Loved how the quotes melted away like gentle waves. Loved the soundtrack. Clever, clever use of chapter titles.... Overall, I am raving. This is the best waterbirth DVD I have, to watch with those women thinking about using water in birth. Can’t wait to share it with clients.

— Liz Nightingale
Purple Walnut Midwife

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This is a great DVD about waterbirth. I really appreciate that it starts with a discussion of waterbirth safety and then offers birth images and interviews with parents. I especially appreciated that they had lots of time with dads speaking about their experience!

— Ronnie Falcao
Gentle Birth USA
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