The BirthRite Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this video with its scientific approach to upright births. It was refreshing to see labouring women and midwives making eye contact and communicating while both sitting at the same level.

Hospital planners who view this video will surely see the value in having the BirthRite Seat and Floor Studio as an invaluable resource. BirthRite should be the central focus of all natural birthing rooms, rather than a bed.

Monika Boenigk is to be congratulated in developing her product to the degree of sophistication that now includes this accompanying education package useful to both the profession and the public.

The video will provide hospital midwives with impetus to make positive changes in the birthing environment. If not, it is highly likely that pregnant women who view the video will begin to demand the choice of an upright birth once they understand the benefits to themselves and their baby. At the very least, this video should act as a catalyst in reducing the number of epidurals and narcotics currently administered to women trying to labour horizontally.

Childbirth Educators using this video in their classes will graduate women who will be better able to negotiate their preference for birthing positions based on current evidence.

Independent midwives will also find this video a valuable educational resource for their clients. My copy is already in the hands of a couple who are in the process of constructing their birth plans for having their first baby at home.

— Jan Robinson
National Coordinator
Australian Society of Independent Midwives

Published in Communiqué, Vol 15, Autumn 2004

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I think the teaching film The BirthRite Experience is terrific. I was very impressed indeed with the combined testimonials of women, midwives, dads and doctors; the references — with quotes — to the literature, the use of still and moving pictures, including the amazing birth at the end.

It is great that the film has a clear contents with timings listed. The philosophy and language are wonderful. The very practical coverage of so many issues (optimal positioning, view of the perineum, back care for midwives, consideration of when not to use the seat, to name just a few) was excellent. I would recommend the film without reservation as a very useful teaching aid for students, antenatal teachers, midwives and doctors.

I would also recommend the BirthRite Birthing Seat, around the use of which the film was based. I suggest that both items are included in the Better Birth Environment catalogue of the National Childbirth Trust.

— Mary Newburn
Head of Policy Research, National Childbirth Trust, UK
Honorary Professor, Thames Valley University, UK

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What a brilliant, wonderful video! It is just what I have been looking for to show my couples in order to promote upright birthing positions. I had thought I might show them just a clip from it, but the video is so good that I feel that I must show them the whole video as it is so clear and fits perfectly with my “stressfree childbirth” program.

I am so impressed with the professional quality of your video and the clarity of your presentation. Excellent!!! (That comes from someone who was a university lecturer for 30 years and now runs corporate training sessions in presentation and communication skills.)

I will certainly be recommending your video to the handful of HypnoBirthing educators that I am in contact with here in Melbourne.

— Daryl Wilkinson
Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Educator
Melbourne, Australia

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Your BirthRite Experience DVD arrived and we have been able to take a short look and get a¬Ýfirst impression. We just wanted to thank you and express our congratulations on this fantastic film. “Moving, encouraging, reassuring” were the words that first came to our minds. We are definitely interested in receiving the other two productions about which you sent us some information (Safely into Water and Couple-Work in Childbirth).

— Andreas and Michaele Noeth
Cultural Ethnologists

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What a treat this movie is! I loved the in-depth on the Birthing Seat: it answers so many questions about the finest points, like the correct posture, assisted births (it was great having an obstetrician saying he has assisted births on the Seat), and when not to use the Seat.

And the footage of the birth at the end was absolutely breathtaking and precious to behold.

The whole film is a great accompaniment to the Floor Studio and I wish you every success in bringing the Studios into hospitals and birth centres. I can appreciate how much heartfelt commitment, practical effort and attention to detail has gone into these projects. Without a doubt I’ll be lending this film out because I know it will be greatly appreciated and provide depth of insight into facilitating natural birth.

— Jenny Blyth
Birth worker and author of the book Birthwork and the film The Big Stretch
Gympie, QLD, Australia

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It is beautifully done, all aspects were covered. A very positive and moving educational experience. I hope all our staff, educators, medical officers and clients who watch it will be converted.

— Gay Lane
Naracoorte, SA, Australia
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