Padded Pouches for BirthRite Floor Studio Components

Image of Floor Studio in Padded PouchesPadded Pouch for Birthing SeatImage of opening Padded Pouch for Birthing Seat

BirthRite manufactures tailor-made Padded Pouches for all its birthing furniture, for protection during transport and storage. The Pouches are made from strong fabric padded with polar fleece. The material hugs the shape of the individual item for handy transport. Pouches open and close easily and quickly with chunky velcro strips.

The Birthing Seat in particular benefits from a travel Pouch, as it affords extra protection for the Seat when it is being moved frequently in and out of cars and buildings, to home births or to different education venues. This Pouch is therefore a standard sales item. Pouches for other items will be made on request. Please contact us.

Please note that the color and/or fabric used may vary from those illustrated.

Image of Padded Pouch for BackrestImage of opening Padded Pouch for BackrestPadded pouch for Midwife Chair

Image of Padded Pouch for Equipment TableImage of Padded Pouch for Tri-Positional Birth MirrorImage of Padded Pouch for Kneeling Pad

Image of Padded Pouch for Large Birthing MatImage of Padded Pouch for Medium Birthing Mat
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