BirthRite Floor Studio — Positions

Midwife assisting woman to stand up in Floor StudioWoman relaxing into Backrest SupportMidwife feeling for contractions
Standing upRelaxing into Backrest SupportFeeling for contractions
Midwife and woman using Floor StudioMidwife and woman using Floor StudioMidwife, woman and partner in Floor Studio
Midwife and woman at eye levelInteractive engagementFetal auscultation
McRoberts Manoeuvre in Floor StudioWoman kneeling in Floor StudioBoenigk Manoeuvre in Floor Studio
McRoberts ManoeuvreKneeling in Floor StudioBoenigk Manoeuvre
Midwife checking progress in Floor StudioMidwife semi-sitting, semi-kneeling on Midwife ChairCleaning Floor Studio
Checking progressSemi-sitting, semi-kneeling on Midwife ChairStandard hospital cleaning
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