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BirthRite Birth Fusion for Labour and BirthBirthRite待产分娩一体化直立式分娩椅组合(中套)
One-Day Workshop一日工作坊

Workshop Leader:工作坊领导人: Monika Boenigk莫妮卡·彭尼克, CM, CNS, Childbirth Educator, Dip Couns,注册助产士,临床护理专家,分娩教育家,认证资询师

The BirthRite Birth Fusion set is a popular combination with hospitals not requiring the full Floor Studio. With no explicit accommodation for midwife or equipment, the Birth Fusion lends itself to a practical workshop focussing entirely on technical aspects of birthing in the upright position.BirthRite直立式分娩椅组合(中套)常被不需要整套直立式分娩椅组合的医院使用。中套直立式分娩椅组合不包括助产椅和工具桌,适用于完全注重直立式分娩技术层面的实用型工作坊。

Midwives receive detailed information on the benefits of upright positions in labour and birth. Both physiological and psychological perspectives will be explored. Correct positioning of the woman on the Birthing Seat is explained and demonstrated, and workshop participants have the opportunity to practise together how to achieve and maintain an optimal position.助产士们可以了解直立式体位在待产和分娩过程中的好处。工作坊将从生理和心理两方面探讨产妇在分娩椅上的正确体位。工作坊的参与者将有机会一起练习如何达到和保持最佳体位。

Birth Fusion workshopBirth Fusion workshop

There is discussion of when it is appropriate to invite a woman to use the Birth Fusion, as well as of situations in which alternatives to a Birthing Seat might be more suitable.还可以讨论什么时候适宜让产妇使用中套直立式分娩椅组合以及在什么情况下用分娩椅更合适。

Workshop participants learn to capitalize on the advantages of upright positions for working constructively with a woman’s pain in labour and birth by using modulated breathing and complete relaxation.工作坊的参与者学习利用直立体位的优势,通过调节呼吸与彻底放松,建设性地减轻产妇在待产与分娩中的疼痛。

The Birth Fusion is particularly suited to special obstetric scenarios such as large babies, shoulder difficulties and breech presentations. Midwives gain an insight into how they could deal with such situations. They also discover how quick and easy it is to change positions (such as McRoberts manoeuvre, all-fours position and Boenigk manoeuvre) in the Birth Fusion, at a point in labour when time is of essence.中套直立式分娩椅组合(中套)特别适用于难产案例:如巨大儿、肩难产和臀位分娩。分娩椅的使用给助产士们处理这类情况以一定的启发。她们还发现在时间变得尤为宝贵的分娩情形下,使用直立式分娩椅组合变换体位(例如屈大腿法、手膝位及彭尼克技巧)是多么的轻松快捷。

During the third stage of labour, upright positioning is beneficial in allowing the bonding process to unfold in a very natural way. The combination of bonding hormones, oxytocin release through baby’s suckling and the upright position makes for speedy placental separation and delivery. The workshop concludes with discussion of how to achieve the right atmosphere within which the new family are able, in their own time, to forge their loving bond.在分娩的第三阶段,直立体位对于以自然的方式展开建立母子亲密关系是非常有利的。产妇在建立母子亲密关系过程中释放的荷尔蒙、通过宝宝吮吸释放的催产素与直立的体位结合在一起,可以促进胎盘快速剥离和娩出。最后,伴随着如何创造适当的气氛帮助新家庭创建爱的纽带的讨论,本次工作坊也正式落幕。


After completion of this workshop在这次工作坊结束之后

For further details of this workshop, please contact BirthRite Head Office (Germany).本次工作坊的详情请联系BirthRite总部(德国)
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