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Breathing and Bodywork呼吸与肢体动作
We all know how to breathe… but do we???我们都知道如何呼吸…真的吗?
Half-day Workshop at Your Location半日工作坊,就在您的身边

Workshop Leader:工作坊领导人: Monika Boenigk莫妮卡·彭尼克, CM, CNS, Childbirth Educator, Dip Couns,注册助产士,临床护理专家,分娩教育家,认证资询师

Breathing and bodywork workshop

For most of us, most of the time, breathing comes naturally. So naturally, that we are barely aware of it. But in childbirth, awareness of breathing is crucial. Breathing is the fabric which holds a woman together in labour. An acute awareness of various breathing modalities is required of both woman and midwife. The first part of this workshop concentrates on developing this awareness and on mastering techniques for the control of breathing in the various phases of labour. Midwives learn to appreciate every nuance of breathing: timing, rhythm, depth, effort and making constructive sounds. The focus is always on “relaxing and opening”.对于我们大部分的人来说,呼吸在大部分的时间里是自然而然的,自然到我们几乎意识不到它的存在。但在分娩的时候,呼吸意识是至关重要的。呼吸像一件织物与分娩中的妇女密不可分。产妇和助产士都需要对各种不同的呼吸模式有敏锐的意识。工作坊的第一部分着重于培养这种意识及掌握在分娩不同阶段控制呼吸的技巧。助产士们学习领会呼吸的每个细微差别: 时间、节奏、深度、力度以及发出建设性的声音。重点在于保持“放松与打开”。

Breathing and bodywork workshop

In the Body-and-Pelvic-Awareness part of the workshop, we will survey the physical areas that matter in childbirth: neck, shoulders, pelvis, soft birth passage and thighs. We will experiment with bodywork which brings awareness of these areas. The exercises strengthen, and at the same time relax, these parts of the body. By practising the exercises themselves, midwives will develop their skills in helping women to gain access to, and get the most out of, these parts of the body during labour. In being subjected to some fairly uncomfortable stretching exercises, midwives will get a sense of their internal resources helping them to cope with these sensations, just as a woman needs to do when she inevitably discovers that labour is “more painful than she thought”….在工作坊关于身体-盆腔意识的部分,我们将调查与分娩相关的身体部位: 颈部、肩膀、骨盆、软产道和大腿。我们将测试能给这些地方带来意识的肢体动作。这些练习加强,并在同一时间放松身体的这些部位。通过自己做这些练习,助产士们将开发他们的技能,帮助产妇们在分娩的时候获得这些身体部位的最大用途。在做一些相当不舒适的伸展运动时,助产士们会从他们的潜意识中感应到如何应对这些感觉: 如一个产妇在她发现分娩“比她想象中更疼”时所需做的事…。

All the exercises are suitable for pregnant women to explore during antenatal classes, or antenatal bodywork, and form an integral part of the preparation for normal childbirth.所有的练习都适合孕妇在产前班或是产前运动时探索,并成为准备正常分娩不可分割的一部分。

This workshop provides a firm foundation for implementing the relaxation strand of holistic midwifery.这个工作坊为实施整体助产的放松技巧方面垫定了坚实的基础。


After completion of this workshop在这次工作坊结束之后

Breathing and bodywork workshop

Note: We require a large, quiet, well-ventilated room. For our practical exercises near floor level, each participant needs to bring a blanket or small mat. Suitable for approximately 14–18 participants.注: 我们需要一间宽敞、安静及通风良好的房间。为了配合练习需求,每位听课人员需自带一张毛毯或地垫。适合大约14~18名参与者。

For further details of this workshop, please contact BirthRite Head Office (Germany).本次工作坊的详情请联系BirthRite总部(德国)
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