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Interested in implementing holistic midwifery principles in your birthing unit but not sure where to start? Already practising holistic midwifery but wondering if you can do even more? Curious to obtain an international perspective on the operation of your birthing unit?有兴趣将整体助产理论运用于您的分娩中心但不知如何入手?己经实践了整体助产理念,但想知道您是否可以做得更多?好奇如何从国际的角度运营您的分娩中心?

BirthRite can help.BirthRite可以帮忙。

In her Birth Environment Consultancy service, BirthRite’s Director, Monika Boenigk, brings the perceptive observation, sensitivity to women’s needs, concern for her fellow midwives and inventiveness that led her to design her groundbreaking birthing setting, the BirthRite Floor Studio. As one of the world’s leading exponents of holistic midwifery, in both theory and practice, she is well placed to assess all aspects of a woman’s journey to childbirth and beyond.BirthRite董事长,莫妮卡·彭尼克把她敏锐的观察力、对产妇需求的敏感性,对助产士同胞的关心以及让她设计出突破性分娩装置—BirthRite直立式分娩椅组合的创造性带入她的分娩环境咨询服务中。作为世界整体助产理论和实践的领军人物之一,莫妮卡能对产妇整个产程及产后的各方面需求做出很好的评估。

Monika conducts on-site inspection and consultations with unit leaders and midwives, looking at all aspects of the birthing environment, from antenatal clinics and education rooms right through to birthing rooms and nurseries. The focus is on identifying and eliminating psychological and physical stumbling blocks to a positive birth experience.莫妮卡与中心领导和助产士一起进行现场视察并就相关问题进行商讨,从产前门诊和宣教室到产房和新生儿室等各个方面,对分娩环境进行了参观及指导。本次指导在于识别和消除影响积极分娩的心理和生理障碍等因素。

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Just as, consciously or unconsciously, we notice and react to any number of things when we visit our doctor, so too does every detail of the birth environment matter to the women, partners, babies and midwives who work within it.正如我们看医生时会自觉或不自觉地注意到对许多事做出反应一样,分娩环境的每一个细节同样影响到产妇、她们的伴侣、婴儿及在里面工作的助产士。

Important as it is, birthing equipment is only one part of midwifery practice. Holistic midwifery has a multitude of facets, many of which pertain to intangibles. Failure to appreciate and deal with them can mar the performance of even the best equipped birthing unit. Monika can show maternity units how they can adapt their existing physical and psychological birth environments so as to achieve a more conducive place for childbirth.重要的是,分娩工具只是助产实践的一部分。整体助产包括方方面面的技巧和信息,其中很多层面都是无形的。如果不能正确地理解和运用,分娩机构再好,也会受到影响。莫妮卡可以向分娩中心展示如何改造她们现有的分娩生理及心理环境,从而打造出一个更有利于分娩的场所。

First and foremost, the Birth Environment Consultancy addresses the culture of the birthing unit, stimulating discussion amongst the midwives so they become an integral part of an ongoing process. Together, the enthusiasm of the midwives and the vision of the unit leaders can achieve great things.首先,分娩环境咨询探讨产房文化,激发助产士之间的讨论,使他们成为一个可持续过程的组成部分。助产士们的热情与领导层的远见结合在一起注定成就卓越。

Monika is happy to work with birthing units regardless of their size. She recognizes that many units have only a small budget but are nevertheless keen to make positive changes in the birth environment they offer. And many of these changes cost surprisingly little.莫妮卡乐于与各种规模的分娩中心合作。她意识到许多中心虽然只有很少的预算,却非常乐意在能力范围内正面改进分娩环境。而很多情况下,做出这些改进的成本也低得惊人。

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