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Birth Environment Consultancy分娩环境咨询
Monika conducts on-site inspection and consultations with unit leaders and midwives, looking at all aspects of the birthing environment, from antenatal clinics and education rooms right through to birthing rooms and nurseries. The focus is on identifying and eliminating psychological and physical stumbling blocks to a positive birth experience.莫妮卡与中心领导和助产士一起进行现场视察并就相关问题进行商讨,从产前门诊和宣教室到产房和新生儿室等各个方面,对分娩环境进行了参观及指导。本次指导在于识别和消除影响积极分娩的心理和生理障碍等因素。

Educational Workshops教育工作坊
Interactive workshops for midwives, focussing on the principles and practice of holistic midwifery.助产士互动工作坊,集中讲解整体助产的理论和实践。
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