BirthRite Birthing Mat
Available in sizes to suit the Floor Studio or the Mini Studio

Image of large Birthing MatImage of Medium Birthing Mat

Forming the ambience-setting base of the BirthRite Floor Studio is this aesthetically contoured Birthing Mat. It defines the work area for the birthing team and their equipment. By creating a psychological barrier from unwelcome interference, it provides an element of intimacy, privacy and exclusivity: anyone not involved in the immediate birth-work has no place on the Mat!

The Birthing Mat’s yielding surface allows the labouring woman to feel comfortable when bare-footed or kneeling. Yet its composition is still firm enough so as not to well up around her when she is on all fours. The Mat also provides comfort for the midwife should she wish to kneel in front of the woman on the Birthing Seat or to slide into the half-sitting, half-kneeling position whilst assisting at the actual birth. And no more standing around for hours on hard floors!

The Mat is made from high-grade EVA closed-cell foam with built-in memory. This material returns to its flat-surface shape, even after exposure to prolonged pressure from persons or objects. It is impermeable to bacteria and fire-retardant. For further protection, the foam is heat-sealed into a marine-grade vinyl sleeve which is tough, slip-resistant and sanitized to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. The Mat vinyl is also fire-retardant, fulfilling the following fire protection standards: NF-P 503 Class M2, DIN EN 1021-1+2, BS 5852 IS 0+1, DIN 53438-2+3, DIN 4102-1 B2, IMO FTPC Part 8, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, DIN 75200, Regulation 95/28/EG. Stabilized with UV protection, it will resist fading and discolouration. As the vinyl is pre-treated against bacterial growth, neutral soap and water is generally sufficient for cleaning. Most hospitals use bleach-based cleaning products which do not pose a problem and do not reduce the life span of the vinyl. Other chemicals may not be as compatible, but we are able to advise on suitability.

All Birthing Mats are now dual-color — birch on one side (obverse) and fango on the other (reverse). This permits versatility in color design when combining a Mat with other Floor Studio components or when considering the context of the overall room décor. (Note that the plum color depicted in some photos is no longer available.)

The BirthRite Birthing Mat is available in three sizes:–

The Large and Medium Birthing Mats can be folded in half for storage or transfer to another location.

(Note that the Small size listed here is a new product. The Medium size is the same as the previous Small Birthing Mat except it can now be folded in half. A non-folding version of the Medium Birthing Mat is available on special request.)

Image of large Birthing MatImage of large Birthing Mat folded

The Medium Birthing Mat forms the base for the BirthRite Mini Studio. In this situation, the Medium Birthing Mat is designed to accommodate the labouring woman on the Birthing Seat and the midwife on her Midwife Seat, providing both with a soft surface for various floor-related activities during childbirth. As with the Large Birthing Mat, a statement is made about the exclusivity of the area in favour of the interactively engaged birthing team.
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