BirthRite Mini Studio
The (Compact) Setting for Avant-Garde Midwifery

Image of Mini StudioImage of Mini Studio in useImage of woman kneeling in Mini Studio

The BirthRite Mini Studio presents an attractively priced select set of Floor Studio components that gives birthing suites with limited space or budgets the wherewithal to practise holistic midwifery.

The Mini Studio comprises the following components:–

Essentially, the Mini Studio has the same components as the full-size Floor Studio, but without Backrest and Equipment Table; also, the Large Birthing Mat is replaced by a Medium Birthing Mat.

With the overall dimensions of the Medium contoured Birthing Mat being 1640 mm x 1000 mm = 64.6 in x 39.4 in, the work area of the Mini Studio is intimate but still large enough not to feel cramped. As with the larger Floor Studio, a statement is made about the exclusivity of the area in favour of the interactively engaged birthing team.
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