BirthRite Kneeling Pad

Image of Kneeling Pad

The Kneeling Pad is particularly useful when the Midwife Seat is used away from the Floor Studio — in the bathroom, for example. If the woman happens to have her baby there, the midwife can use the comfortable Kneeling Pad under her knee when assuming the half-sitting, half-kneeling position at the time of birth. If the birthing room is not equipped with the Floor Studio or Mini Studio, the Kneeling Pad will support the midwife’s knees when assisting the woman giving birth on the Birthing Seat.

The BirthRite Kneeling Pad is available in two sizes:–

The Large Kneeling Pad is supplied as part of the BirthRite Homebirth Bundle but can be purchased separately.

The conveniently contoured Kneeling Pad is made from high-grade EVA closed-cell foam with built-in memory. This material will always return to its flat-surface shape, even after exposure to prolonged pressure from persons or objects. It is impermeable to bacteria and fire-retardant. For further protection, the foam is heat-sealed into a marine-grade vinyl sleeve. This vinyl is tough, slip-resistant, fire-retardant and sanitized to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. Stabilized with UV protection, it will resist fading and discolouration. It is most important to clean this material only with a chemically neutral soap and warm water! Hospital antiseptics could affect its pre-sanitization treatment and make the vinyl hard and brittle over time.
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