BirthRite Workshop for Midwives
Between the Lines
The “Silent” Language of Pregnancy and Birth

One-Day Workshop at Your Location

Workshop Leader: Monika Boenigk, CM, CNS, Childbirth Educator, Dip Couns

Woman not connected with labourPainted belly of pregnant woman

Women in pregnancy and birth continually reach out to midwives to communicate and share their thoughts and feelings in a multitude of verbal and non-verbal ways. They want to be heard and understood about the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual challenges they encounter on their journey to motherhood, without necessarily addressing them in a direct way.

The further the pregnancy advances, the more a woman’s inner world usually reveals itself to the alert observer. Layers of self-protection and pretence gradually peel away to illuminate and expose the “raw self” and the sensitive state of mind a woman encounters towards the birth of her child.

During the actual birth-work, it soon becomes apparent to a holistically skilled midwife whether a woman has been able to reach some sort of resolve within herself that puts her in an empowered position to embrace the birth with all its challenges, or whether she is very much at loose ends, aimless and frightened in her approach.

What are some of the signals women reveal, and how can they be interpreted? In what ways can the midwife respond to those clues? What might happen if she doesn’t respond appropriately?


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