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Counselling Skills for Holistic Midwives

1-day Midwifery Workshop at your location.

Workshop Leader: Monika Boenigk, CMS, CNS, Childbirth Educator, Dip. Couns.


When midwives broaden their focus beyond the purely physical parameters of pregancy and birth to encompass the psycho-social context in which they occur, a whole new paradigm for midwifery practice emerges: the exciting world of holistic midwifery. Holistic midwives are engaged, conscientiously and purposefully, in all facets of a couple’s journey to parenthood.

As a holistic midwife, you become increasingly sensitized to your interactions with clients, peers, employers and other health professionals. With officious barriers removed in favour of transparency and intimacy, you may more often feel personally exposed or underskilled in negotiating emotionally confronting situations. Realistic awareness of your own insecurities and greater expertise in communication are required. This workshop will examine potential areas of unease and provide you with practical guidance in counselling your clients, both in the antenatal period and during labour, so that you can take the step into holistic midwifery with more confidence and enthusiasm.

Counselling workshopCounselling workshop

A variety of concepts and techniques are useful in framing effective dialogue. Among them are: conducive posture, congruence, empathy, curiosity, neutrality, minimal response, active listening, mirroring, reflection of feeling, reframing, the art of asking questions, and listening with awareness. We will discuss these ideas and then use role-playing exercises to see how they work in practice.

In the course of this workshop you may discover some of your own personal reasons for not being able to listen well, and observe the subtle yet profound effect this may have on the other person. Such insight is extremely valuable in the evolution of confident, competent and constructive professional interactions.

In developing new skills and a sense of safety and trust in yourself, you will not only improve communication with your peers, but you will also become a tactful sounding board and powerful catalyst for couples experiencing the transition to parenthood in your care.


After completion of this workshop

Counselling workshop

Note: We require a large, quiet, well-ventilated room and a whiteboard.

This workshop is suitable for approximately 14 participants.

For further details of this workshop, please contact Monika at BirthRite Head Office (Germany).

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