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Monika Boenigk, CM CNS GDCT

Monika studied Social Pedagogy, Nursing and Midwifery in Germany. She has worked as a Registered Midwife in Germany and Australia for some 20 years, in hospitals and in private midwifery practice with full visiting rights to major teaching hospitals. She was the second-ever midwife in Australia to be accredited by the Australian College of Midwives Inc.

As an advocate of holistic midwifery and childbirth, Monika has presented papers at midwifery conferences and conducted holistic workshops for midwives in Australia, USA, Viet Nam, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, UK and New Zealand. Following her invention of a modern Birthing Seat, she founded BirthRite to improve childbirth-related experiences for couples and their carers; a journal article on her philosophy of childbirth and the development of the birthing seat featured in MIDIRS 2002, followed by regular publications in midwifery journals in Australia and the UK relating to holistic midwifery practice. Her creation of a teaching film for childbirth professionals and their clients, The BirthRite Experience, completed in 2003, is receiving critical acclaim from practitioners and parents. The film is being implemented as a teaching tool in numerous medical and midwifery colleges in Australia and abroad. Monika has recently completed another teaching film, Safely into Water, considered to be a valuable addition to today’s debate about waterbirth.

Monika’s chief accomplishment, the BirthRite Floor Studio, was presented to the international midwifery audience at the Triennial Midwifery Convention in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2005. This setting is designed to replace the obstetric bed for all but the most complicated births. It is an appealing, versatile working platform in which all participants can feel safe and comfortable, and where holistic midwifery can be practised to its best advantage. In 2006, Monika received an Industry award for her invention and was featured on the ABC-TV program New Inventors.

Monika sees her invention of the Floor Studio for the birthing team and her foundation of BirthRite as promoting a well-considered, dignified and holistic approach to childbirth that helps to build a stronger, healthier community while providing practical solutions in these litigious times.
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