BirthRite Workshop for Midwives
Interactive Engagement
The Key to Holistic Midwifery

Half-Day Workshop at Your Location

Workshop Leader: Monika Boenigk, CM, CNS, Childbirth Educator, Dip Couns

You are a seasoned midwife, technically competent in conducting antenatal classes, managing labour and overseeing the postnatal period. Apart from the occasional scare, it’s all fairly routine. Yet, as grateful parents take leave of you with their new baby, an apprehension at the somewhat daunting reality awaiting them at home is often tangible. And the niggling feeling you might also have had at other times during the pregnancy, that your care somehow lacked an important dimension, leaves you with a slight feeling of unease.

For what is happening is that, throughout pregnancy and birth, two disparate individuals, having fused together physically in the baby, are embarking together on the psycho-social accommodation of each other and their child: PARENTHOOD. Moreover, there are repercussions for the wider community of which you, too, are a member.

Obstetric professionals often overlook the importance of regularly interconnecting the physical aspects of pregnancy and birth with the broader context of this important life-cycle event. By bringing the sociological and psychological facets of childbirth into sharp focus, a whole new paradigm for midwifery practice emerges. You as midwife and trusted carer are ideally situated to act as a catalyst in the nine months of a couple’s transitional journey: A whole new world of midwifery opens up to you — the world of holistic midwifery.

Heart to heart between midwife and womanHeart to heart between midwife and woman

The key is Interactive Engagement — a transparent, cooperative dialogue which allows you, the midwife, to extend beyond the familiar physical parameters of pregnancy and birth to be conscientiously and purposefully engaged in all facets of a couple’s journey to parenthood.

The leader of this workshop, Monika Boenigk, will “look over your shoulder”. She will demonstrate how most tasks and interactions can be turned into opportunities for learning and maturing, helping a couple to develop confidence in themselves as individuals and in each other. A myriad seemingly small changes to the way you communicate with a couple can make a profound difference to the childbirth process, obstetric outcomes, levels of satisfaction and, not least, likelihood of litigation.

This is an immensely practical workshop which challenges its participants at every turn. You will walk away with a different appreciation of what it is to be a midwife. None of what is taught requires formal policy changes, as it falls entirely within the scope of well-researched midwifery practice. Once you interweave your newly acquired insights and techniques with your current practice, you can anticipate truly remarkable and unique birthing experiences, beyond what you or your clients had thought possible. Moreover, practice of holistic midwifery reflects on your hospital also, as its birthing unit becomes not just “a place to be saved” but rather a place where extraordinary experiences are created and savoured.

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