BirthRite Workshop for Midwives
BirthRite Birth Fusion for Labour and Birth

One-Day Workshop

Workshop Leader: Monika Boenigk, CM, CNS, Childbirth Educator, Dip Couns

The BirthRite Birth Fusion set is a popular combination with hospitals not requiring the full Floor Studio. With no explicit accommodation for midwife or equipment, the Birth Fusion lends itself to a practical workshop focussing entirely on technical aspects of birthing in the upright position.

Midwives receive detailed information on the benefits of upright positions in labour and birth. Both physiological and psychological perspectives will be explored. Correct positioning of the woman on the Birthing Seat is explained and demonstrated, and workshop participants have the opportunity to practise together how to achieve and maintain an optimal position.

Birth Fusion workshopBirth Fusion workshop

There is discussion of when it is appropriate to invite a woman to use the Birth Fusion, as well as of situations in which alternatives to a Birthing Seat might be more suitable.

Workshop participants learn to capitalize on the advantages of upright positions for working constructively with a woman’s pain in labour and birth by using modulated breathing and complete relaxation.

The Birth Fusion is particularly suited to special obstetric scenarios such as large babies, shoulder difficulties and breech presentations. Midwives gain an insight into how they could deal with such situations. They also discover how quick and easy it is to change positions (such as McRoberts manoeuvre, all-fours position and Boenigk manoeuvre) in the Birth Fusion, at a point in labour when time is of essence.

During the third stage of labour, upright positioning is beneficial in allowing the bonding process to unfold in a very natural way. The combination of bonding hormones, oxytocin release through baby’s suckling and the upright position makes for speedy placental separation and delivery. The workshop concludes with discussion of how to achieve the right atmosphere within which the new family are able, in their own time, to forge their loving bond.


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